IAAPA Attractions Expo 2014

DSC05068Neon FM makes an entrance at IAAPA Attractions Expo, the largest amusement show in the United States and our biggest event yet, with the first official machine-cut production models on the floor, and a brand new QR code login system on display.

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► Watch footage of the show from Arcade Heroes

► Watch a video of the patent-pending QR Login system


MAGFest 8.5

2014-09-12 22.14.34 HDROur upgraded Neon FM cabinets debut at MAGFest 8.5, sporting a new lit marquee and online multiplayer modes!

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Anime Expo 2014

lineMaryland’s Save Point brought Neon FM to Anime Expo, the largest anime convention in the United States, where we recorded more than 1,600 paid plays over a 3-day event!


AAMA/AMOA Amusement Expo 2014

Unit-e’s appearance at industry trade shows begins at the AAMA & AMOA Amusement Expo with a monolithic pair of Neon FM cabinets that were online and competing for high scores! Further improvements to the design had been made, including larger and softer buttons and a recessed display.

► View a digital copy of the promotional flyer

► View Arcade Heroes’ review of Neon FM from the Expo


Katsucon 2014

Neon FM rolled into Katsucon and was the feature attraction of the game room for all three days of the event! The game featured updates to the song list, as well as gameplay improvements inspired by player feedback from the previous convention.