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Bizarre uses of I2C

We use an I2C bus inside of our game to reduce the mess of wires that naturally crops up from a lot of input and output devices. This type of serial bus is used in a multitude of devices. I use it in some more unusual ways than the way it’s normally intended, like adding…


Capacitive Touch Sensors on an AVR

I’ve received a number of requests about how I do my touch sensors. I decided to finally post the full how-to on it. This is my third in my let’s learn/let’s code series, and my first one where I am combining them into one video (since it was short enough). Source code is available here:


Let’s Code: NTSC Part 2B (Chroma)

I’m trying something new, I’m trying a let’s learn / let’s code series. This one is about NTSC. And the basics. If you haven’t already watched the previous two videos I mention, I recommend doing so. This is the page that I referenced when I was learning NTSC:… Source code is available here:…