Showcase Chrono™ Timer System

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Unit-e Technologies presents the Showcase Chrono™ Timer System: a precision timing system in use at over 50 locations, designed to showcase your installation–whether it be an obstacle course, maze, climbing wall, or anything else that demands millisecond-accuracy and impressive visual flair!


  • High score database stores the best times for the venue, the session, and the current user. The database will also retain the scores when powered off.
  • Name entry touchscreen interface provides a simple method for users to put a name to their scores.
  • User queuing system allows a user to use the system while another is inputting their name.
  • User disqualification action enables an operator to cancel the time set by the last user.
  • Operator service menu provides a number of customization options to venues.
  • Touchless sensor (optional) starts and/or stop the timer when a user breaks the invisible beam.
  • Modular design allows you to connect any number of Showcase Chrono™ screens, laser gates, buttons, or button pedestals.
  • Metal locking industrial connectors prevent accidental disconnections and protect the equipment from damage.
  • Online connection (optional) allows us to remotely configure, customize, and update the kit to your specifications.

As seen at IAAPA!

Featuring Reko Rivera from American Ninja Warrior

As seen at Sky High Sports!

Showcase Chrono™ Timer System, common packages

Basic System

  • Control Center
  • Touchless Trigger Light Gate
  • Standalone Pushbutton
  • Large screen (40″) With Wall Mount


Standard System

  • Control Center
  • Touchscreen With Stand
  • Touchless Trigger Light Gate
  • Button With Lighted Pedestal
  • Large screen (40″) With Wall Mount
  • Sound system

Premium System

  • Control Center
  • Touchscreen With Stand
  • Touchless Trigger Light Gate
  • Button With Lighted Pedestal
  • Large screen (55″) With Wall Mount (landscape, current time)
  • Large screen (55″) With Wall Mount (portrait, leaderboard)
  • Sound system
  • Lightshow controller
  • Fog jet / geyser
  • DMX Light Bar

Custom System

Configure your own system from the parts below!



Installation instructions and videos are provided, as well as phone and e-mail support.

Need us to perform installation?
Rates start as low as $800 before travel and lodging.


Showcase Chrono™ Control Center

The all-new Showcase Chrono™ Control Box is the central hub of the Showcase Chrono™ Timer Kit, containing the proven software used in over 50 locations to time obstacle courses and the power to drive lights, audio, and peripherals to enhance the experience. View this item’s page for more information.


Showcase Chrono™ Button With Lighted Pedestal

Extra buttons allow you to have “checkpoints” within your installation. Add an extra button to your half-way point, or if your course has multiple exits.


Showcase Chrono™ Screen (40″, 55″, 65″) w/ Wall Mount

Extra screens allow players to see their progress at multiple places in your installation, or can show the player’s time to a crowd. Screens can be configured to show current and best times, or a leaderboard of the best times. Consumer, commercial, and industrial (IP56) grades are available.


Showcase Chrono™ Touchscreen With Stand

Players enter their name with this touchscreen after completing your course. Operators use the screen to access the service menu and configure options.


Showcase Chrono™ Touchless Light Gate

Often used to begin an obstacle course, players who break the invisible beam can trigger an event or start/stop timers in your course when you add light gates.


Showcase Chrono™ Sound System

Primarily used to play a siren or horn sound when the course-ending button is pressed, the sound system can also be used to broadcast messages to players or play music.


Unit-e Lightshow Controller

The Unit-e Lightshow Controller sends patterns to addressable/digital color LED strips and DMX devices, enabling animations of light, lasers, fog, and other devices. The unit features wi-fi, allowing an operator to change settings wirelessly from a phone or PC. Visit this item’s page for more information.


Showcase Chrono™ Fog Jet / Geyser

The Fog Geyser blasts a player with safe, colored fog for a stunning effect. This is usually connected with the final button press to end the course.


Showcase Chrono™ DMX Light Bar

Used in tandem with the Unit-e Lightshow Controller or your own device of choice, the DMX light bar illuminates the obstacle course structure or an area of interest.


Showcase Chrono™ Lighted Touch Button With Mounting box

Need an attractive installation for a wall-mounted button, but don’t need the lighted pedestal? Add mounted buttons to extend the complexity of your course.


Showcase Chrono™ Button, Standalone

Add simple checkpoints or add complexity to your installation with extra buttons. This unit is intended for operators who plan to design their own mounting.



  • Parts: 30 days free part replacement, 1 year 50% off replacement parts (must return damaged/defective material)
  • Service: 90 days phone support, unlimited e-mail support

The Showcase Chrono™ Timer System comes with a manual of essentials and video guides to help your staff install the system. We are also available for phone and e-mail support, and in some cases can provide in-person servicing and installation.


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