Showcase Chrono™ Timer System

Price: Starting at $1,555!

Unit-e Technologies™ presents the Showcase Chrono™ Timer System: a precision timing kit made in the USA with a 6+ year legacy and in use at over 50 venues worldwide.

Showcase your installation with heavy-duty technology and dazzling effects—whether it be a ninja course, obstacle race, maze, climbing wall, or anything else that demands millisecond-accuracy and impressive visual flair!




  • High score database stores the best times for your course. The database will also retain the scores when powered off.
  • Name entry touchscreen interface provides a simple method for users to put a name to their scores.
  • User queuing system allows a user to use the system while another is inputting their name.
  • User disqualification action enables an operator to cancel the time set by the last user.
  • User categories can be set to isolate scores for a party or by age, gender, or any other criteria.
  • Operator service menu provides a number of customization options to venues.
  • Touchless sensor (optional) starts and/or stop the timer when a user breaks the invisible beam.
  • Modular design allows you to connect any number of Showcase Chrono™ screens, laser gates, buttons, or button pedestals.
  • Metal locking industrial connectors prevent accidental disconnections and protect the equipment from damage.
  • Online connection (optional) allows us to remotely configure, customize, and update the kit to your specifications.

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Featuring Reko Rivera from American Ninja Warrior™

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