Neon FM™ (Andamiro Model)

Price: $7,995

Neon FM™ is an electrified rhythm & action game for arcades and mobile. Players pound the five colored panels with their hands to the beat of the music and are scored on their timing.


Now in the USA and Canada!
This new model has arrived on tests in the USA in October 2016 and is just now beginning its North American release. Be the first to get one in your area!

Beginner & Pro Mode
Is this a player’s first music game? We reduce the number of buttons to 3 and are much less strict on timing. Is the player a pro? Pro Mode cranks the difficulty and will blast them away for poor play, but has special rewards!

New music twice a month, or more!
Every 2 weeks we release new music to the game through online updates. Players will check in on your arcade often to see what’s new! (Game must be connected to the internet to use this feature.)

Online multiplayer
Neon FM machines each support one player, and multiple machines can be linked to support infinite simultaneous players. Players can also choose to not compete at all and do their own thing!

Smartphone login
Neon FM uses the a proprietary QR login system to quickly personalize your game experience. Just point and shoot with your phone to log in!

Online updates
Machines will periodically receive updates from our servers containing fixes and new content. Even new mixes and any sequels can be delivered electronically!

Over 100 songs!
Featuring over 100 licensed tracks, plus tracks from Andamiro’s “Pump It Up” dance game, and covers of korean pop hits! Check out the full song list here.


Pictures of gameplay

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Videos of gameplay


Downloadable flyer

neonfm-flyer-thumb(Click to enlarge and view the online flyer)


Purchase direct from Unit-e or from your local arcade distributor

Click here for our contact page
North American (USA & Canada) purchases will be fulfilled by Unit-e Technologies.
All other regions will be fulfilled by Andamiro Co. Ltd. of Korea.


Make purchase!

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