Red Zone machine update w/ issues (reboot reboot reboot)

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For ease of explanation, PC#0 will be adam’s large tower that was formerly in the Redzone machine, PC#1 is the first prototype PC that was in the cabinet for MAGFest, and PC#2 is the prototype PC that Charles was oscilloscoping last night.


  • Installed PC#2 at Redzone today. Last night Charles and I had set it up to restart Unity after x amount of songs. I had it restarting every 1 tracks last night and audio was fine this morning, so I increased x to 30 (every 30 gameplay events, the machine will quickly restart Unity before going back to the music wheel, retaining a few settings).


  • Staff reported that PC#1 was randomly shutting off. I think it’s probably due to heat, since the fans on the cabinet are not turned on. What’s the easiest way to power two molex fans when our case has no molex connectors?


  • PC#2 wouldn’t clear the “restart mode” flag until I manually quit Unity with ESC. This is my issue to deal with, but wanted to note it here.


  • Blue and Yellow buttons’ piezos are not working. Yellow has a new piezo and can detect strikes if you tap the piezo directly, but not if you tap the top of the button. Green button needs fresh tape. In general, we need a better way to attach piezos than tape, and we need to find out why they die out so quickly.


  • A prior issue that resurfaced today is that receptors are rapid-firing when you hold down buttons. This doesn’t happen with the keyboard, and my code just checks to see if the button functions are returning a 1 or 0, and activates buttons if there’s a change from 0 to 1. I don’t think this is an issue with the new driver Charles supplied last night, since this has happened once before and mysteriously stopped happening. All I know is that something is causing the getbuttons function from the driver to alternate 0s and 1s when buttons are held down. Curiously, the buttons momentarily stop doing this when a note passes over one of them, which suggests it’s a problem with my code, but my input code hasn’t changed at all since the last update in which this was not happening. Why are the USB buttons rapid-firing?