Meeting minutes

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Summary of our meeting today at 2 PM:

  • Our goal is to manufacture 10 machines by the end of February.
  • Our minimum goal is to manufacture 4 machines by the end of February.
  • We will continue to investigate spaces for manufacturing. Our current options are:
    • Rt.40 East location: Free, near Edgewood, shared space with Frank’s friend
    • Westminster location: Free, near Save Point, shared space with Save Point, far from Frank and workers
    • Signsations location: ~$1500-2000/mo, near current office
    • Lumber yard location: Unknown cost, Beaver Dam Rd nearish to current office, fenced property

Team member responsibilities:

  • Charles and Mark will continue to engineer a security solution.
  • Charles will provide a wiring diagram and schematics, and simplify the wiring methods used.
  • Charles will place an order for circuit boards.
  • Adam will contact plastics companies with drafts, discuss details, and gather bulk pricing.
    • Maryland Thermoform Corporation: (410) 947-5063, Tammy:
    • Chesapeake Plastics: (410) 326-3004, Steven:
  • Adam will create more buttons with LVPE.
  • Mark will decide on our minimum system requirements and find a low-cost solution for the PCs we use in cabinets.
  • Holniker will investigate arcade part costs (including wire terminals, coin doors, et al).
  • Eric Y will continue software development.
  • Eric Y will contract a patent lawyer.
  • Eric Y will follow up with more music artists.
  • Zak will get the project listed on popular game blogs.

Pending issues:

  • Piezos are still unreliable and mounted unprofessionally.
  • Redundant pushbuttons still need to be installed at tops of buttons.
  • Prototype unit’s purple button has poor response.
  • Prototype unit’s yellow button gets no piezo response (likely needs max sensitivity increased).