Introducing: Adam Geary

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gamescape-2013-teamHi! I’m Adam Geary, top left in the image above. I’ve been helping Eric and Charles with the mechanical aspects of both of Unit-e’s latest projects. By day, I’m a mild-mannered naval architect, designing ship parts and helping in the analysis of ships and ship systems. By night, I’m an avid gamer, taking part in numerous escapades throughout Eve Online, Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, Battlefield 3, etc. I even have a weekly radio show on Check it out 😉

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Nearly a year ago, Charles introduced me to this Lex Luthor guy… I mean, Eric! They were working on a rough prototype for the Cardiac bike and realized they needed some mechanical expertise. I didn’t think they needed marine-grade engineering, but I figured I’d love to get in on some of Charles’s usual side project shenanigans. Pretty soon, however, the bike project became far more than a side project and clearly shaped up to be a real business opportunity.

Since then, I’ve helped the newly founded Unit-e with multiple design iterations on a few products and am currently working on the latest arcade cabinet build. I’ll post more in the future on topics like engineering for human-game interfaces, but only after I figure them out myself!