BLED Bulb Replacement

Price: Under $10

Add exciting colors and effects to existing equipment!

Breathe new life into old pinball machines, arcades, and other electronics
Swap out your LED or incandescent bulbs with a Unit-e BLED Bulb Replacement (patent pending)



Turn a light like this


Into a colorful animating light like this



With a simple, drop-in replacement


Fits a standard 161-style wedge base (a.k.a. T3 1/4 or T3.25)

Operating voltage: between 6V and 20V

Amperage: 100mA

Wattage: ranges from 0.6W to 2W

Dimensions: 10.3mm D x 22.9mm H



Plug and play replacement
Add animations and colors to existing lights without any new wiring or modifications

Tons of color options
Many pre-programmed patterns are available, or create your own with the BLED programming tool

BLED bulbs can be installed without regard to polarity. No more guessing!

At least 3 times brighter than most regular LED bulbs

Each of the 3 lights in the BLED bulb can be a different color

Loop while on, or play a one-shot animation and then switch to another pattern


Advanced features

Write custom patterns with the BLED programming tool

With the optional BLED controller installed in the power system of the machine, BLEDs can be configured to change animation patterns when receiving specific pulse codes

Remotely reflashable
With the BLED controller installed in the power system, BLEDs can be remotely reprogrammed through the power line.



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