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Fun With Rolling Shutters and Fast LEDs

I am helping my friend Paul try to balance his hexacopter motors for one of his projects. We are trying to use a strobe and an accelerometer to help us observe the imbalances. We ran into an unusual artifact with my NEX-5N camera.


Video and ethernet at the same time on an AVR

I decided to keep tweaking my NTSC code and my ethernet code until I could get them to co-exist. And sure enough… it works! I can update my ethernet code in the areas of the screen that nothing is going on and still display the NTSC video. As always, code is available here:… The PCB…


Time Jitter on AVR Interrupts

Some instructions on the AVR take longer than others. This can prove to be a problem if you want interrupts to fire at exact times and you don’t want to sleep() all the time. The solution is to stick some code in the interrupt that examines the timer and waits for a specific number of…