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Back-end Programmer

Core competencies

The candidate should be a full-stack programmer with specific knowledge of back-end, server, and online development. Candidates with working knowledge of Unity3D and C# are strongly preferred. Other valuable skills include the ability to work with electronic components, solder, test voltage, program and operate a CNC mill, and have a general knowledge of electronic theory.

Job duties

The candidate is expected to honor a mutually-agreeable work schedule at our Halethorpe, MD location and to arrive in a presentable fashion. The candidate will primarily work on the development of Unit-e games, with a focus on the back-end systems and online systems development. The candidate may also assemble electronics from an array of components and affix them to enclosures, as well as test components and products. The candidate may also package products for shipping. Candidates who are able to work with a CNC router may also be responsible for scheduling and/or monitoring CNC mill operations.